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Empowering And Sponsoring Passionate Youths In

The Automotive Industry

We are pleased to announce to the world about the Froshtech Foundation. This foundation is created specifically to give back to the community by igniting the spark in the hearts of passionate Nigerian youth by empowering and sponsoring them to the endless possibilities of opportunities in the automotive industry.


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Froshtech foundation wants to nurture and enrich passionate minds in the automotive industry and in Nigeria at large. Froshtech Foundation also wants to be part of the solution to handling future situations in Nigeria and the whole world at large through this nurtured and enriched minds. This entity is set out to make and secure a brighter future for individuals whom grasp tightly to their passion by being loyalty and filled with consistency.

Froshtech Foundation

Our Mission

The Froshtech Foundation is committed to connecting individuals with passion, who are loyal, committed and consistent in their cause of action in life to fulfil their dreams and also change lives in the automotive industry. Froshtech Foundation is also committed to serving to a specific group of individuals distinguished by their eagerness to succeed but with limited resources and opportunities. To be an advocate of better change in the automotive industry and our community at large.

Our Vision

If preparations meeting opportunities creates one’s dream life, our vision is to be the bridges of opportunities built to connect prepared and intentional minds, and also create a world where they can live up to their full potentials.

Our Value

Exposing every passionate, loyal, committed and consistent minds to all the possibilities of the automotive industry and life in general. Empowering generational change in the minds of intentional youths. Dismantling every barriers hindering great minds and building bridges to opportunities to those seeking it. Exposing great minds to good mentoring.

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