We provide one of the best hands-on experience with our six-month training programs for automotive diagnosis and repairs. During your time at Froshtech, you’ll spend 60% of your time in the shop, gaining experience and knowledge in automotive repairs and maintenance. Other technical institutes may offer shorter programs, but you won’t get the same amount of experience as you will at Froshtech. Our experts will train you in fault diagnosis and repairs in six months.

Mission Statement/Goals

Froshtech Automotive Training Institute’s mission is to provide educational opportunity to students from non-traditional backgrounds who have been underrepresented in higher education and to provide these students with the technical skills and knowledge necessary for successful career entry, development and advancement.

These are the goals to support the institution’s mission:

  • . To offer competency-based programs that develop technical skills, in the automotive industry that will enable students to successfully enter the workplace upon graduation and/or to pursue continuing education;
  • . To offer academic programs that develop general academic skills, including written and oral communication, quantitative reasoning, critical analysis and reasoning, use of  computer technologies, and information literacy;
  • . To foster the personal and professional development of our students so that they learn to accept responsibility, become more self-aware and confident, work effectively with others, deepen their understanding of values and ethics, and continue learning throughout their lifetimes;
  • . To maintain a well-qualified faculty committed to student learning and to their own continuing professional development;
  •  .To provide academic support and student services that will help students resolve academic, financial, or personal problems that may interfere with their ability to persist;
  •  .To help students to develop information literacy skills;
  • . To assist students in finding employment related to their training.

5 Reasons to Choose Froshtech Automotive Training Institute

  1. Train and graduate in less than a year
  2. Dedicated teams to help search for financial aid, housing, and employment
  3. Specialized training programs featuring all vehicle brands
  4. Hands-on training environments
  5. Experienced instructor


In less than a year, you could be a trained automotive technician. It all starts with completing a core program at one of our auto mechanic schools. These foundational courses build your base knowledge from the ground up, teaching you how to diagnose, maintain and repair domestic and foreign vehicles like a true automotive professional. From here, you can move on to Manufacturer-Specific Advanced Training courses.


The automotive industry needs highly trained professionals who understand the technology that drives vehicles. An education at Froshtech prepares you with the knowledge you need to get your start.

Our training programs can take your career to the next level

Whether you have love for cars, you’re curious about how they work, you’re creative and love cars transformation, modifications, building, pimping, painting e.t.c, you love drifting and racing, or you’re looking for a fun, exciting career path – or all – Froshtech Training institute can help you put your dream and potential to work in this growing, fast-paced field. Partnership with Top and leading Auto companies in Nigeria will help you expand your career possibilities when you graduate. And the training is tailored to the sophisticated systems driving the modern auto industry.

  • Diagnose and detect vehicle faults using computerized diagnostic equipment and specialty tools.
  • Take apart and reassemble gasoline engines, along with transmissions and transaxles from cars and trucks.
  • Train with certified instructors who bring years of professional experience to your classes.
  • Learn and understand vehicle faults and diagnosis process.
  • Take part in on-campus events like car shows and demos, and learn how you could get the chance to participate.

Build the Skills for an Auto Technician Career

At Froshtech Training Institute’s , you’ll get ready to shift into high gear with a career in the automotive industry. You’ll be prepared to pursue entry-level employment opportunities as an automotive technician at car dealerships, independent automotive shops, service centers, fleet maintenance departments and more.

As new makes and models continue to hit the market, so does the need for qualified technicians to repair and maintain these new technologies, parts and intricate systems. Learn how to fix the cars you love to drive – enroll in automotive training at Froshtech, and put your potential to work.

* Programs, equipment and machinery vary by campus. 

Campuses that currently offer training in this program area are listed below, as well as links to exact program informational fact sheets:

Lagos state, Lekki





    We offer a year-round program. Automotive classes begin at regular intervals so you can start when it’s convenient for you. Our Financial Aid Advisors work with you to help apply for financial aid and submit required paperwork. Our Admissions Team can set up campus tours and can even help connect you with CHS (Collegiate Housing Services) to find housing.

  • What is the tuition fee?

    It cost ₦300,000 for the training fee.

  • Can i pay installment?

Yes, we accept installment payment.

  • Can I complete auto mechanic training in less than one year?

    Yes. Froshtech Automotive Technology program is designed to be completed in just 6 months. Your coursework will give you a foundation of knowledge on which you can build, whether you decide to continue on to complete a Manufacturer-Specific Advanced Training program or start working in the field as an entry-level technician.