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All automotive services are performed by a team of highly qualified auto-technicians.



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Fleet Service Management

Froshtech Automotive Manages a fleet of over 5000 vehicles. Taking a busy vehicle off the road is always a pain in the neck, especially when it is required for use frequently. Our team ensure vehicle down time is reduced by fixing the vehicle on-site location as against the logistical nightmare involved in vehicle towing.

Electrical repairs

Equipped with the best electronic metering, measurement and diagnostic tools, we are poised to fix all your electrical and electronic issues, including (re)programming and (re)calibration. Our Top-Notch technicians adopt proper diagnosis and repair of all problems, testing repeated to ensure satisfactory results.

Mechanical repairs

We are well equipped for all your mechanical repairs and upgrades, cutting across a dynamic range of vehicle make and model, whether they are petrol and diesel vehicles. The number one priority that we hold above all else is vehicle safety and reliability! We offer mechanical Repairs services, such as suspension and steering repairs, brakes, engine repairs, gearbox and clutch repairs, radiator and cooling systems.

Tune up services

A tune-up is simply a routine maintenance to keep your car performing correctly. Regular tune-ups can extend the life of a vehicle and help ensure it operates optimally. most vehicles require that a tune-up is done at least twice a year.
you know it is time to get a tune up service when you begin to experience hesitation/delay in acceleration, jerking, shaking, engine stalling and misfiring. Tuning-up your vehicle comprises a lot of things. It is a good idea to check the car’s ignition system, all filters, belts, hoses, and fluids. Many of these components may not need to be replaced immediately, but it will give you a chance to stop small issues that could develop into big problems if left unchecked.


Our Mission is to provide honest automotive repair services, quality workmanship and exceptional service. This will allow long-term growth and profitability while providing future opportunities for our employees. This Mission is only possible by attaining the following goals that we have established for our business, our employees and our customers:

Commitment to Our Customers
Froshtech Automotive commits to offer honest repair advice about the condition of vehicles, offer repair options based on need, and ensure that customers vehicles are repaired properly and professionally, with the use of original equipment parts. We treat our customers and their cars with the highest regard and offer superior customer relations. We also keep open lines of communication with our customers to ensure that their cars are diagnosed and repaired correctly and efficiently in addition to addressing any and all customer concerns. As a practice, we provide a clean and comfortable environment and keep our customers vehicle in the best possible state with the hope of exceeding our customers’ expectations in every way while guaranteeing all repairs.

Business Goals
Our goal is to offer honest and reliable automotive repair and services and to develop an unmatched reputation with our customers and within the community.


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