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At Froshtech, we pay close attention to everything about your vehicle when you bring it in. We don’t miss a thing, Our team of qualified technicians will take good care of your engines. You have nothing to worry about

Froshtech Automotive is a technology-enabled automobile workshop with enhanced capacity to cater for after-sale maintenance and repair needs of modern vehicles in Nigeria.

General Diagnostics

Utilizing advanced diagnostic tools, Froshtech offers thorough assessments to identify and address a wide range of automotive issues.

Tune-up Services

Froshtech enhances engine performance through precision tune-up services, optimizing fuel efficiency and overall driving experience.


Froshtech caters to customization needs, offering upgrades and enhancements to meet individual preferences and style.

General Maintenance

Froshtech provides routine maintenance services, covering a spectrum of tasks to ensure the ongoing reliability and performance of vehicles.

Electrical Repairs

Froshtech provides comprehensive electrical repair services to address issues with the vehicle's electrical system.

Lubrication Services

Froshtech ensures optimal engine performance through professional lubrication services, promoting the longevity and efficiency of the vehicle's moving parts.

Mechanical Repairs

Froshtech specializes in resolving various mechanical issues, offering reliable solutions to keep vehicles running smoothly.

Suspension & Brake Works

Froshtech provides expert services in suspension and brake systems, ensuring the safety and stability of the vehicle.
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